Open And Shut Stories About The Garage

Strange and funny things may happen anywhere, including where you park your car.  Consider the story of a farm, its garage, and one of its animals.  One of the bulls on a certain farm somehow saw the garage door as a threat or a rival.  While the farm manager was showing the new supervisor around, the bull walked up to the garage door, gave it a good looking over-and charged, horns first.  WHAM!  Imagine what kind of garage door repair situation that would be.

garage door repair

Somehow, the farm manager was able to walk calmly to the bull and shoo the animal away.  The bull complied just as calmly, to the supervisor’s relief.  Meanwhile, the supervisor ran and hid in the car until it was all over.  In the wake of the “confrontation,” the garage door frame was a wreck of bent steel, which suggested to the manager how much protection the car would have given him.  To everyone’s further relief, the repair estimate for the garage turned out to be rather low.

Technology does not always necessarily equal ease and convenience, especially when you haven’t read the owner’s manual.  One husband who bought an automatic garage door found that as soon as the mechanism was installed, he just didn’t know how to use it.  When he could neither open nor close the door, he called his wife for help and wound up getting both of them locked in the garage.  His kids were likewise clueless about the operation of the door.  As soon as they managed to get the door open, he promptly-though belatedly-sat himself down with the owner’s manual and gave it a proper read.  He then called the contractors for further assistance, and they were quite patient, no doubt having seen plenty of other situations like this.  No need for garage door repair here, but the wife took to teasing the husband about having to study as hard to work the garage as he did in college.  Poor guy. 

Humor is wherever you find it-even in so mundane a place as where you keep your vehicle.