Responding Positively To The Question; Is Quinoa Gluten Free

The grain based natural and indigenous food known as quinoa has been a normal inclusion to the diet of South Americans for thousands of years. The ancient Andean civilization had been using it up to four thousand years ago. Archaeologists have also discovered that the food had been used up to seven thousand years ago. The ancient Incas used to refer to quinoa as the mother of all grains, having recognized its nutritional and health benefits. 

And so to the answer to the question; is quinoa gluten free. Yes, it is. This natural food serves as a perfect counter to gluten for those who are gluten intolerant, particularly those who have been diagnosed with the celiac disease. It is also a good food source for those who are particularly prone to migraines. Numerous health benefits follow from the grain’s primary inclusion of fiber and protein.

The generous fiber inclusion is quite handy for those consumers wishing to place extra focus on losing excess fatty tissue weight. Apart from being a good protein base, the whole grain also encourages the lowering of cholesterol levels and improving digestive and bowel movements.

is quinoa gluten free

Laboratory tests have also shown that the quinoa grain contains a number of proteins that are similar to gluten. These proteins can thus activate immune systems of celiac disease suffering patients. With the inclusion of the nine amino acids, the protein content is high, allowing this natural alternative food source to make a good contribution towards helping men and women reach their daily recommended quotas of protein.

In actual fact, quinoa has been more clearly defined as a cereal rather than a grain. This is essentially food that will be grounded into flour. But it is still a healthy whole grain with a distinctive nutty flavor. Like rice, quinoa is quick and easy to cook. Tasty on its own, it can be consumed just so with nothing more than healthy olive oil or lemon juice. Just a few healthy facts to confirm quinoa as a gluten free source were presented.

And as they always say, there’s plenty more where that came from. Also, you can indulge yourself with useful information on how you can go about having qualified medical tests conducted to determine whether your immune system is gluten intolerant or not. Either way, including quinoa to your regular diet can only be beneficial.